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Why Offshore Software Development with Technosoft

Passion for technology, high energy, go-getter attitude, customer-centric and commitment to excellence are the traits of a typical Technosofter.

We, at Technosoft, have an unmatched commitment and focus to PSCQL: Process, Skill Set, Communication, Quality, and Leadership. We believe that PSCQL is central to a project and in fact our success.

Our Processes:

Technosoft Solutions follows the Software Engineering Institute’s CMMI framework to improve its process improvement activity. Process focused software development allows us to finish projects within time, budget and according to customer’s vision.


Our special focus on employee skill set and selective hiring process provides us with star performers in all cutting-edge technologies. With this focus on skill set, Technosoft’s workforce is not struggling with new technologies trying to find a solution for a customer’s problem. Instead, Technosoft’s trained and capable software engineers and designers pick the right solution out of many possible options.

Technology Expert Details


We believe understanding and fulfilling the true needs of end users can provide a win-win situation for our clients and for us. Telecommunication technology has been helping eliminate communication constraints posed by physical boundaries. We, at Technosoft, use this to our advantage throughout the software development lifecycle. We believe in filling communication gaps and we explore every option available to bridge offshore communication gaps. We use state of the art equipment with proven requirement elicitation techniques to gather information about the task at hand. We use standard modeling techniques to convey requirement understanding and technical design decisions. During the course of projects, we hold audio video-conferences, instant messaging sessions, and send periodic status updates. We make sure that we effectively communicate and keep the customer informed about project schedules, progress, and status.

Quality Statement:

We believe that quality can only be achieved by the commitment to excellence. We do not strive for just conformance to requirements. We make sure that all the requirements are actually what end users really need/want. We also make sure that all nonfunctional attributes are given proper attention. And we make sure that our output is the best output possible. We religiously follow this mantra across the development lifecycle. SQA, Software Quality Assurance, the department is involved in projects from day one. We start developing test cases as we collect requirements to make sure that requirements are tested correctly. A quality plan is developed before coding starts. At Technosoft, Quality is not only the SQA department’s responsibility, its responsibility for every Technosofter. Every Technosofter actively finds ways to instill excellence, at all levels.


Leadership is the glue that puts all of the above together and provides a value proposition for our clients. We believe in a leadership that gets the desired result, get the quality job done in time within budget.

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