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What New Hires Think About Technosoft

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I joined Technosoft with a reference from an old friend. The first thing you notice entering Technosoft premises is the sheer calmness and security of the environment as Technosoft building sits away from the hustle and bustle of the city street and markets. I had the pleasure of meeting with the CEO Technosoft Anis Siddique Mr. Anis, a Harvard graduate and has strong business ties in the United States., is a delightful and energetic person. Besides that, the CEO can go to any length to make the environment more pleasurable and comfortable for work for everyone, but what stroked me the most is that the emphasis in Technosoft is on work quality. It is a scenario that is non-existent in most of the companies operating in Pakistan. The quality-centric emphasis can polish and hone in your skills making you a more competitive professional. Besides, the management is very lenient and understanding and makes a decision that works out in everyone’s favor. The work-life at the company provides with enormous opportunities, and you come to utilize all your skills.

Technosoft is more or less like a family. The most adorable thing that I learned at Technosoft was the benefits of work-life balance. The company adopts policies that discourage overstrain concerning work during one-off working hours. The proper assurance of rest and recreation for all Technosoft members either on or off work is the top management priority here, and the company makes sure that all of its members understand this sound logic.

Technosoft is an excellent place to socialize and grow your social network. Currently, Technosoft is witnessing phenomenal growth, and it has made sure that every newcomer is comfortable and enjoys its work. At Technosoft, you get all the care that you deserve in quality and flourishing work environment.

The company does not keep loose ends concerning its operations and the groundwork for all the policies to ensure job security, but Technosoft management is surprisingly flexible in the implementation of its policies and understand the quirks and limitations. Of humans through compassion, concern, and care.

Technosoft truly values its human assets and goes to extreme lengths to satisfy its members. It has been quite some time that I have been working at Technosoft, and I have never faced rejection for any of my reasonable request that I have made to the managerial body here. The management is constructive, understanding, and open-minded.

Being a member of Technosoft brings you into the context of having great fun activities. The Technosoft runs a recreational club; we call it “Executive Club” supervised by an elected member from the Technosoft team of members. The club arranges birthday parties and other super fun events. There are yearly and bi-yearly trips to northern areas and other tourist attraction destinations. Other than but, group games and occasional activities are arranged to keep the zest for work and life on the move for everyone.

There are probably very few companies in Pakistan’s map and abroad like Technosoft can give its members the real sense of belonging while maintaining the true spirit of balance between life and work. It seems that I will have great memories to cherish from Technosoft as I step into my late life.