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Web2.0 using GWT Development Outsourcing

Web 2.0 is driving new application development and in turn creating a demand for new Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) that have the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications. If you are looking for a Java & Ajax based application, Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is an obvious choice. We have experience in creating complex but easy to use eye-catching interactive User Interfaces using GWT. You can get your desktop applications replicated in the Web environment with all the traditional desktop features.

Google Web Toolkit

We have worked on following in GWT:

  • Creating highly interactive web applications
  • Great user experience comparable to desktop applications in functionality,
  • No downloading or installing anything
  • Code capable of running on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, and Opera.
  • Asynchronous communication with the server application
  • Rich and interactive user interface with state of the art data binding and User Interface controls
  • Connectivity with RDBMS
  • Cross-browser application
  • Drag and Drop Features
  • Access server-side services are written in any language
  • Integrate with frameworks such as Spring, Struts
  • Rich library of widgets and panels that includes the usual suspects like text boxes, drop-down menus and complex widgets like the menu bar, tree control, dialog box, tab panel, stack panel, and others.


Technosoft can provide technical consultancy, further R&D services, as well as help in developing GWT based solutions at a very affordable price. We will be happy to work with you and save your IT team’s time on the learning curve and development effort.

Our dedicated teams of Microsoft and Sun Certified professionals are ready to help!

If you are having trouble implementing a similar project, send email to techsupport@techno-soft.com and in the subject line enter, WSMXO and your mail will be automatically forwarded to the technology expert in this area. Or click here to submit your technical query to our support forum. We can review your code to make it operational or can stare you in the right direction.

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