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Understanding of Project Requirements Process


The objective of this activity is to develop an understanding with customer needs, requirements, and constraints; and resolve any clarification issue, so that an agreed upon set of requirements can be specified.

Process Entry/Exit Criteria

Entry CriteriaExit Criteria
  • Customer requirements are received/gathered through different means.
  • Understanding with customer requirements is developed and clarifications issues are resolved.

Process Inputs/Outputs

  • Customer Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Customer existing application (if any)
  • Any other documents provided by the customer
  • Requirements Specification.


  1. The client provides some documents (Business Requirements) or some existing applications to extract requirements from.
  2. Development Team studies customer provided documents or applications.
  3. Development Team prepares a list of questions if some clarifications are required.
  4. Development Team communicates these questions to the client and discusses until there is minimum or no confusion.
  5. Development Team develops an understanding of customer requirements and documents Business Overview, Customer Requirements, Scope and Assumptions in the Requirement Specification document.
  6. Development Team Lead reviews the Requirements Specification and updates it as required.
  7. Development Team Lead sends the Requirements Specification to the Quality Assurance Team assigned on this project.
  8. Quality Assurance Team review the Requirements Specification and send their review feedback to Development Team
  9. Development Team updates the Requirements Specification according to review feedback.
  10. Project Manager/Development Team Lead/Contact Person sends the Requirements Specification to the customer for review and approval.
  11. If Customer finds some issues and problems, he sends the review comments otherwise sends an approval notification to Project Manager/Development Team Lead/Contact Person.
  12. If review comments are received from the customer, Development Team updates the Requirements Specification and resubmits for verification and approval.
  13. After customer approval, Project Manager/Development Team Lead publishes the Requirements Specification to the Project team.

Guidelines for Understanding of Requirements

In case if a customer has already approved the requirements in Statement of Work (SOW) or Proposal then there is no need to send the RS again for approval to the customer. In this case, the Project Manager or Development Manager can approve the RS document after Quality Assurance review.