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Software Quality Assurance (QA) And Software Testing Services

Software Quality Assurance(QA) and Software Testing Outsourcing Services

For every software company, software quality assurance and software testing services are one of the most important and critical components. At Technosoft, we start our Quality assurance process from the very beginning of the software development in order to make sure that the application work as expected. Our software quality assurance process continues until the final product is delivered to the client.

Once the software goes in the development phase, our Quality Assurance (QA) Team focuses on designing the testing strategy and test scenarios which are continuously updated as the project advances. As we follow the iterative approach for developing software, detailed testing is performed in each iteration.

Our Area Of Expertise in Software Quality Assurance and Testing

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Software Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Our Software Quality Assurance department provides testing and Quality assurance services for both internal and external projects. Technosoft being a process-oriented quality centric company believes in excellence and we are continuously striving to improve our level of services by applying CMMI processes and ISO standards in our testing services.


Real device testing

Real Device Testing

We use Real devices for mobile application testing along with Test Object and similar frameworks. Extensive manual and automated testing experience with Selenium, etc. manual testing on real devices are done by healthcare proficient QA department.


maintenance and enhancements

HIPAA Compliance Testing for Mobile and Web Applications

Our QA department has extensive experience in healthcare software application testing and quality assurance. They are very well versed in HIPAA/Hitech privacy and security regulations and requirements as they pertain to software applications. They perform pen testing and other checklist based tests to ensure HIPAA compliance.

We have been serving many companies with our quality assurance services over the years.

Software Testing Strategies We Follow:

  • Functional Testing
  • Risk-Based Testing
  • Graphics User Interface
  • Acceptance, Usability, and Accessibility
  • Performance (Stress and Load)
  • Regression
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Security testing (Software Penetration Testing)
  • API Testing (Postman)
  • Automation (Selenium)
  • Smoke Test
  • Browser Compatibility Testing
  • Web Services
  • Concurrent Testing (multiple users)

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JFC & Associates


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