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SMART on FHIR app development and integration with EHRs

You don’t need to involve Hospital unless you are creating a specific application for them or you want to use their App Orchard account, (if they allow you a minimum fee for EPIC App orchard account is $5K and $15K if you want to use their Non-SMART based APIs). If you are creating a SMART on FHIR application like Technosoft’s meds compare which can be used by any Hospital you just need to test your application with Epic sandboxes and make it compatible using their compatibility tools and upload it to App Orchard Gallery. An interested client will then contact Epic to integrate your application with them.

Smart App Store is a free app store where developers can upload their smart on FHIR applications free of cost. It was designed so that people who are interested in your application can see a demo of the application with Smart on FHIR sandbox. In order to sell your application you would need to upload your application on App Orchard  Gallery (in case of EPIC) then anyone (client) who is interested in your application will contact Epic and then Epic will set up your application for them and will involve you as well. There is a concept of enabling application keys for a client and we do that when Epic setups the application on the client’s environment. You don’t have to implement anything regarding keys, it is a feature from EPIC.

Epic, In their Hyperspace desktop application, Allows launching of SMART on FHIR app from the top menu bar, sidebar or at any specific workflow feature.

Yes, we can consume FHIR API’s on backend server using “fhir-net-api” for .net. But according to my understanding authentication (OAUTH 2.0) will be done on the client side and then we can consume FHIR API’s at the backend using the obtained token.

Yes, for one time someone will need to authenticate from client side and after that, we can use the token returned from EHR FHIR authorization server. There is an option to define “offline_access” scope while sending a request to authorization server which means that it will give us the ability to refresh token (in case of expiry) on our own and user would not need to authenticate again and again.

We are collecting FAQs for the SMART on FHIR app development and integration with EHRs. If you have any particular question, feel free to send to us, we will be happy to answer and add here if it is been asked frequently.