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Setup Guide HP StorageWorks Ultrium 960


How to Setup HP StorageWorks Ultrium 960 Tape Storage Solution

To Setup HP StorageWorks Ultrium 960 successfully, you need to follow these steps

Preparing the Hardware

You need some hardware prerequisite to functional Tape Device

  1. SCSI Card
  2. SCSI Cable (VHD 32 Pin)
  3. Tape Device (HP StorageWorks Ultrium 960 in our case)
  4. Core 2 Duo or higher PC with X16 Slot, Compatible with SCSI Card

Now you have the appropriate hardware, you need to set it that right way for proper functioning. I will elaborate in steps to make it easier to set up.

Step 1: Insert the SCSI card in PC (X16 Slot)

Step 2: Power on the PC and run the Setup, Check in onboard devices that SCSI is On and detected. Restart the PC.

Step 3: When the SCSI card detected it prompt you right after the PC power On, It will detect the channel, Press F11 to run the menu and select option name Configure SCSI. Here you can configure the SCSI ID. I suggest selecting the number 7 or any number other than 0 or 1. Save the configurations and Shutdown the PC.

Step 4: Now time to look at your Tape Device. Look at its back you will find the SCSI ID on the back. Change the ID by inserting any Pin into the hole. Select the same ID you configured in SCSI Card, as I suggested number 7.

Step 5: Plug the SCSI Cable into Tape Device at the port named IN, the other end obviously connected with the SCSI Card.

Now if you have followed these steps, your hardware is ready in the right way.

Preparing the Software

Just like software, you need some prerequisite for software setup

  1. Fresh Windows 7 or higher
  2. Drivers CD (Which I have Burnt)

To properly set up the Drivers and Software, follow these steps, make sure Tape device is connected with PC on the Port above described.

Driver Installation

Step 1: Insert the Drivers CD and copy it to your HDD.

Step 2: Unzip the folder Driver Toolkit Crack. Install the drivertoolkit.exe and close the program. Copy and paste the drivertoolkit.exe from the folder named Crack to the installation directory of your windows. Open the program and click on register, paste the key 7Q9F-Db51-4GR9-Dk52 and type any email id of your choice. Disable auto-update in the settings.

Step 3: Now run the Driver Toolkit, let it check all the hardware installed. After this only update, the drivers need to be updated and leave those who need installation. After it did restart the PC.

Known Issues and Fixing

There are some issues you may face after updating and installing these Drivers, which can cause BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), System Halt, etc. I will mention those techniques in details how I resolve, you can resolve by your way.

  1. Disabling all devices from Device Manager and Restart to check either issue resolved
  2. If it Resolves, Only Enable SCSI and Tape Devices and Restart again. If the issue can’t reproduce enable the devices one by one till you locate the device which causes an issue.
  • Disable the faulty device from Device Manager and BIOS Setup too to avoid any accidental enable which may cause issue again.

I have found issues in my Ethernet Card and Front USB Panel, you may face the issue in these or any other devices or might not face the issue at all. Depends on hardware to hardware.

Tape Device Software Installation

Step 4: Again, Run Driver Toolkit, verify the drivers updated. Now you need to install the drivers in this order

  1. First of all, install SCSI driver
  2. Then, Communication Ports drivers (I.e. COM port, Serial port)
  • Any missing Chipset driver

Once It has done, please restart the PC and verify from Device Manager that all drivers are installed and updated. Also, verify that Tape Device is being detected.

: Its time to install software that interacts with Tape and Backup your Data. So from the CD you have copied, install the software in this order

  1. Install ZDDump first
  2. Then ZDBackup
  • ZDCrom
  1. There are some other ZD Tools, you can install others at any time

Preparing the Tape

Once you have all the software installed, Insert the Tape into a device. Don’t forget to open the Read/ Write shuttle on Tape. Now the Tape is inserted, Run ZDataDump and check either Tape is detected or not. It will show the status.

ZDataDump only read those Tape’s data which has been prepared by it (its known format). If it is not reading, the possibilities are it’s empty or not formatted by its known format.

To prepare the Tape, Just go into Tape and click on prepare, it will format all the content so be careful what you are doing. Once the Tape is prepared you can copy/ backup your Data.

So, by following this document, you can successfully configure and setup Tape Solution. If you find any difficulty, you can directly contact us at info@techno-soft.com. Thank You