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Requirement Elicitation

Review Project Requirements

Development Team studies customer provided documents, requirement write-ups, and applications. For further clarification, list of questions prepared by team, are send to client. For the elicitation of requirements, few conference calls are also organized.

Create a Requirements Specification Document (RSD)

  • The objective of the requirements specification document is to resolve the ambiguities and correctly describe what will be the capability of the software system to be developed.
  • Development Team develops a complete understanding of customer requirements and documents Business Overview, Customer Requirements, Scope and Assumptions in the Requirement Specification Document.
  • After QA and updates, Project Manager sends the Requirements Specification Document to the customer for review and approval.

RS Feedback and Approval

  • Customer reviews the Requirements Specification Document. And the RSD is sent back and forth with comments and tracking on till customer finds the RSD to completely represent the requirements of the project.
  • After customer approval, Project Manager publishes the Requirements Specification to the Project team.

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