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Quality Assurance and Deployment

Test Planning

  • QA (Quality Assurance) Team Lead defines the QA environment in terms of hardware, software, and infrastructure requirements in the test plan following the Organizational Work Environment Standards.
  • QA Team Lead determines the scope of system testing using Software Quality-Certification Levels and develops a Test Plan as per the instructions are given in Test plan template.
  • QA Team Lead sends Test plan to Project Manager for review. Project Manager reviews the Test Plan and approves the plan if no issue is identified. Project Manager communicates the issues through Test Plan Review Checklist.
  • QA Team prepares Application Acceptance Criteria as per the instructions are given in subject template and QA Team Lead sends it to the Project Manager for agreement before initiation of Testing Phase.
  • After incorporating feedback (if any) from PM and Development Team Lead, QA Team Lead updates Application Acceptance Criteria.
  • QA Team Lead creates project in Test Management Tool (e.g. Test Director) and grants access rights to all concerned roles, before the testing start.

Test Designing

  • QA Team starts identifying and documenting test scenarios as per the task division in Test Management Tool.
  • QA Team prepares detailed test cases along with the filling of required templates i.e. GUI Checklist Template, Field Validation Checklist etc. QA Team also prepares and documents mandatory test data in test cases where required.
  • QA Team Lead sends a complete set of test cases or only the test scenarios for review to Development Team Lead.
  • Development Team Lead reviews the test cases according to the Test Case Review Template and sends the filled Test case review checklist to QA Team Lead.
  • QA Team updates the requirements traceability matrix for test case references.
  • QA Team Lead ensures the readiness of test bed with respect to hardware and software. (software includes supporting software e.g. operating system, web browsers etc. and setup of application and database server)

Deployment and Shipment Assurance

  1. After system testing completion, development team identifies the required artifacts to be released and prepares a Deployment Notes that include information about deliverable code files, installation/deployment instructions as well as other contents of the shipment package.
  2. Development team prepares a shipment package according to Deployment Notes
  3. Configuration Controller verifies the shipment package and performs shipment assurance to ensure the integrity of the code and other contents of the shipment package with the help of the Quality Assurance team. Development team releases the shipment package to the client as per schedule with the coordination of Configuration Controller as required.

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