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Proposal Preparation and Submission


Purpose of this activity is to document project proposal/SOW using Proposal or SOW template and define the process of reviewing, approving and submitting to the customer.

Process Entry/Exit Criteria

Entry CriteriaExit Criteria
  • Project scope, objectives, constraints and assumptions are defined.
  • Appropriate SDLC model is selected.
  • Project Milestones and customer deliverables are identified
  • Project Size, Effort and Cost estimates are established
  • Project Proposal/SOW is documented and submitted to the customer.

Process Inputs/Outputs

  • Draft Project proposal/SOW (Project Scope, SDLC, Milestones and deliverables information)
  • Approved Proposal/SOW submitted to the customer


  1. DevMgr/PM/Contact Person documents the project proposal/SOW using Proposal/SOW template if required by the customer.
  2. If DevMgr or Contact Person is not involved in the preparation of proposal/SOW, it is reviewed and updated by the DevMgr/Contact Person.
  3. DevMgr/Contact Person submits the proposal/SOW to the customer.
  4. If the customer raises any concerns or issues in the proposal/SOW, Higher Management/DevMgr/Contact Person negotiates with the customer to clarify them or revised the proposal/SOW to address them.
  5. If proposal/SOW gets revised as a result of customer concerns, Higher Management/DevMgr/Contact Person resubmits the revised proposal/SOW to the customer.

Guidelines for Preparation of Proposal/SOW

  1. In some cases, Proposal/SOW may not be required by the customer (e.g. for some Time & Material based projects), in this situation, proposal/SOW document will not be prepared but project definition information will be documented in the Project Plan.
  2. The format of the Proposal/SOW is highly dependent on the customer and may vary from customer to customer. Usually, the proposal/SOW format and the level of detail depends on the following factors:
  • Any specific customer need for format or contents
  • Time available for proposal/SOW preparation

Information provided by the customer