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Project Tracking and Monitoring Process


Purpose of this activity is to track and monitor project progress against plan, track project issues and risks, monitor project data backups, update project schedule as well as prepare status reports for management and customer to communicate project progress and performance.

Process Entry/Exit Criteria

Entry CriteriaExit Criteria
  • A project is kicked off
  • The project schedule is approved, baselined and communicated to project team
  • Risk Management Plan is created
  • Issue management system is available
  • The project schedule is updated and communicated
  • A status report is prepared and communicated
  • Identified action items are assigned

Process Inputs/Outputs

  • Project schedule
  • Project Issues
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Updated Project Schedule
  • Internal Status Report
  • Customer Status Report


Progress Review and monitoring:

  1. Project team submits daily time sheets against assigned tasks to the Project Manager as defined in the Project Plan.Project Manager reviews the project team progress and updates the project schedule accordingly.
Issue Tracking:
  1. Project team logs the issues in the issue management system as defined in the project plan.
  2. Project Manager reviews and analyzes the project team issues and determines appropriate corrective actions to resolve them.
  3. Project Manager takes the corrective action himself or assigns corrective actions to other concerned stakeholders as required.
  4. Project Manager reviews the progress of corrective actions against issues and updates their status in the issue management system accordingly.
Risk Tracking:
  1. Project Manager reviews the risk mitigation or contingency progress against each risk and updates impact and probability of occurrence and recalculates the risk exposure accordingly.
  2. If a risk is controlled successfully as the result of planned activities within the planned completion date, the risk status is updated according to the selected response technique.
  3. If a risk is not mitigated within planned completion date rather it has occurred, PM starts implementing a contingency plan for that risk as per plan
  4. Project Manager reviews the progress of contingency plan till its completion and updates its status.
Monitor Data Backups:

Project Manager obtains the status of data backups from the Systems Administrator.

Plans Update and Status Reports Preparation:

  1. Project Manager updates the affected plans, documents as well as the project schedule.
  2. Project Manager prepares the weekly status report using the Internal Status Report template and specifies the following information:
    • Overall Project Progress
    • Status of corrective actions against issues.
    • Risks status and mitigation/contingency progress.
    • Status of data backups.
  3. Project Manager prepares the customer status report using Customer Status Report Template and documents the minimum of the following information:
    • Progress on last week’s tasks.
    • Customer related issues and risks.
    • Status of corrective actions against previous customer related issues.