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Project Schedule Preparation Process


Development Schedule is a detailed schedule for development, testing, shipment, and post-shipment activities. Other support activities like audits, reviews, and monitoring activities are also defined in the project schedule so that they can also be tracked along with typical engineering and technical activities.

Process Entry/Exit Criteria

Entry CriteriaExit Criteria
  • Detailed customer requirements are gathered
  • Estimation sheet is updated as result of scope creep assessment (if scope creeps)
  • Project Plan is documented
  • Development schedule is prepared, reviewed, approved and communicated

Process Inputs/Outputs

  • Requirement Analysis & Design Specification
  • Updated estimation sheet
  • Project Plan
  • Project Schedule (Development section)


  1. Project Manager with the coordination of Development Team Lead and Quality Assurance Team Lead updates the Project Schedule for the following development activities.
    • Development and Unit testing
    • System Testing
    • Peer Reviews
    • Internal Quality Audits
    • Configuration Audits
    • Internal and External Shipments
    • Maintenance
    • Post Shipment activities
    • Project Monitoring and Control
    • Project pieces of training (if any)
  2. Project Manager assigns effort and duration to each activity on the basis of estimation sheet and Proposal/Statement of Work.
  3. Project Manager assigns resources to carry out each activity.
  4. Project Manager identifies task dependencies and defines predecessors to develop a critical path.
  5. Project Manager defines the project milestones as specified in the Proposal/Statement of Work or Project Plan.
  6. Project Manager sends the development schedule to Development Manager for review and approval.
  7. Development Manager reviews and approves the Project Schedule.
  8. If some issues are identified during the Development Manager review, Development Manager may update the schedule himself or sends the review comments to Project Manager to update the schedule.
  9. Project Manager updates and resubmits the Project Schedule to Development Manager for approval.
  10. Development Manager sends an approval email to Project Manager.
  11. Project Manager saves the project schedule baseline for development tasks.
  12. Project Manager communicates the development schedule to the assigned resources and other relevant stakeholders.
  13. Development Manager approves the project schedule and sends an approval email to the Project Manager
  14. Project Manager communicates the project schedule to the project team and other relevant stakeholders as well as to the customer as required. During the project lifecycle, whenever the project schedule revised as a result of changes, Project Manager submits the plan to Development Manager for review and approval, and the whole process

Guidelines for Schedule Preparation

Purpose of risk management planning is to identify project risks and their sources, Analyze their impacts and probability of occurrence, and define strategies to mitigate those risks