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Project Resource Planning Process


Objectives of resource planning are included:

  • Identification of required human, software, hardware and infrastructure resources.
  • Definition the project team structure, its roles, and responsibilities
  • Identification of training requirements and training planning
  • Identification of recruitment requirements and recruitment planning

Process Entry/Exit Criteria

Entry CriteriaExit Criteria
  • The pre-development schedule is prepared and approved
  • Human, software, hardware, and infrastructure resources are identified.
  • Team structure and responsibilities are defined
  • Training and Recruitment planning is done (as required)

Process Inputs/Outputs

  • Project Schedule (pre-development section)
  • Proposal/Statement of Work
  • Estimation Sheet
  • Project Plan (Resource Planning section)


  1. Project Manager identifies all the project stakeholders and defines their involvement in the project activities using Project Plan template
  2. Project Manager identifies human resource requirements in terms of the skill set required and the number of resources.
  3. Project Manager identifies hardware, software and infrastructure requirements and defines their quantity and specification using Project Plan template.
  4. Project Manager defines the project team structure using Project Plan template.
  5. Project Manager defines the project team roles, their responsibilities and the persons assigned to perform those roles.
  6. Project Manager defines the contact person from the customer side as well as from project team to coordinate with customer’s contact person.
  7. Project Manager identifies the training needs of the project team as required
  8. Project Manager defines the required pieces of training description, expected duration, training participants, project phase in which training will be conducted and training evaluation method to measure the training effectiveness using a project plan template.
  9. Project Manager identifies requirements of new hiring or recruitment (if any) and plans their hiring accordingly using a project plan template.