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Project Requirement Analysis Process


This activity involves the analysis of requirements to ensure that all system functionality explicit or implicit is captured and requirements are specified in a way that they are concise, complete and unambiguous.

Process Entry/Exit Criteria

Entry CriteriaExit Criteria
  • Understanding customer and software requirements are developed
  • Documentation of Analysis and Design Specification is initiated.
  • Software requirements are documented as Use Case Model
  • Application Interfaces are specified

Process Inputs/Outputs

  • Project Schedule
  • Proposal
  • Requirements Specification
  • Analysis and Design Specification (Requirements Analysis Part )


  1. Development Team develops a Use Case Model to specify requirements in a way that all user interactions with the system are very clearly and effectively documented.
  2. Development Team identifies Business Rules related to the use cases in this process.
  3. Development Team documents application interfaces if an application has to be integrated with other applications.

Guidelines for Requirement Analysis

  1. A Use Case Diagram can be developed to illustrate the overall system functionality.
  2. Overall system flow can be documented as workflow diagrams or activity diagrams.
  3. Snapshots/mockups of interfaces can be attached with use cases wherever required.