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Project Release Management Process


Release management focuses on the management of external shipments to the client. Release management ensures that the right version of Configuration Items is released to the customer.

Process Entry/Exit Criteria

Entry CriteriaExit Criteria
  • System Testing is completed
  • Code is labeled
  • Shipment package is verified and shipped to the customer

Process Inputs/Outputs

  • System Tested and Labeled Code
  • Deployment Notes
  • Shipment Package
  • Shipment Email/Shipment Package sent to a customer.


  1. After system testing completion, development team identifies the required artifacts to be released and prepares deployment notes that include information about code files, installation/deployment instructions as well as other contents of the shipment package.
  2. Development team prepares a shipment package according to Deployment Notes.
  3. Configuration Controller verifies the shipment package and performs shipment assurance to ensure the integrity of the code and other contents of the shipment package with the help of the Quality Assurance team.
  4. Development team releases the shipment package to the client as per schedule with the coordination of Configuration Controller as required.
  5. After shipment, Configuration Controller updates code label for that release according to Code Labeling Scheme in Configuration Management Plan.
  6. Configuration Controller maintains the records of all releases.

Guidelines for Release Management

  1. In Shipment Package Verification, Configuration Controller verifies the code files in Visual SafeSoruce against those mentioned in the Deployment Notes and ensures that:
    • All deliverables (documents, Code files) mentioned in the Deployment Notes are physically available with right version/label.
    • Code files are rightly labeled and Code base is same as mentioned in the Deployment Notes.
    • All code files mentioned as changed/modified in Deployment Notes are actually changed /modified.
    • Is there any other file that has changed but not mentioned in the Deployment Note.