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Project Plan Documentation and Obtaining Commitments Process


Purpose of this activity is to document an overall Project Plan which also has references to other sub plans like Configuration Management Plan, Test Plan, etc as well as to define the process of reviewing, approving and communicating the project plan to relevant stakeholders in order to get their commitment.

Process Entry/Exit Criteria

Entry CriteriaExit Criteria
  • All project planning items are defined.
  • The pre-development schedule is prepared and approved
  • Project Plan is documented, reviewed, approved and communicated to relevant stakeholders

Process Inputs/Outputs

  • Project Schedule (pre-development section)
  • Proposal/Statement of Work
  • Approved Project Plan
  • Project Plan distribution email to relevant stakeholders


  1. Project Manager with the coordination of Development Team Lead and Quality Assurance Team Lead documents the project plan using the project plan template.
  2. Project Manager sends the project plan to the Development Manager for review and approval.
  3. Development Manager reviews the project plan and either sends review comments (if any) to the Project manager or approves the project plan.
  4. If review comments are received by the Development Manager, Project Manager updates the project plan and resubmits to the Development Manager for approval.
  5. Development Manager approves the project plan and sends approval to Project Manager.
  6. After Development Manager approval, Project Manager distributes the Project Plan to project team for their commitment.
  7. During the project lifecycle, whenever the project plan updates as a result of changes, Project manager submits the plan to Development Manager for review and approval, and the whole process gets repeated.

Guidelines for Project Plan Documentation and Obtaining Commitments

  1. Project Manager may check-in the draft project plan into the Visual SourceSafe (VSS) and inform the Development Manager to review the document by sending the document path instead of the document itself.
  2. While reviewing the project plan, Development Manager can either directly make the changes using “Track Changes” option or insert review comments in the document and check-in the document back into the VSS after updating document revision history and version.
  3. Review feedback of any plan, either positive or negative, should always be communicated to the author. Even if no issue identified during the review, a message of “reviewed and ok” should be sent in order to maintain an objective evidence of review conducted.