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Project Milestone Review Meeting Process


Purpose of the milestone review meeting is to review the overall milestone progress and accomplishments at selected milestones/phases during the project life cycle. This meeting also facilitates the project team to have a get together with higher management and other stakeholders and to discuss project issues; share lessons learned and suggest improvements for next milestones.

Process Entry/Exit Criteria

Entry CriteriaExit Criteria
  • Selected milestone is completed
  • Relevant stakeholders are informed
  • Milestone progress is calculated
  • Milestone progress is discussed
  • Project stakeholders issues, lessons learned are collected
  • Corrective actions are identified and assigned Milestone review report is prepared and distributed

Process Inputs/Outputs

  • Project schedule
  • Milestone Status Report
  • Updated Milestone Review Report


  1. Project Manager calculates milestone progress and prepares a milestone review report using the milestones review report template.
  2. Project Manager sends the meeting request to the relevant stakeholders along with meeting agenda and milestone review report as per plan.
  3. Project Manager conducts milestones review meeting according to the meeting agenda.
  4. All agenda items are discussed, and issues, improvement suggestions, lessons learned and action items are noted and logged in the issue management system.
  5. Project Manager sends a milestone review report to the project and customer contact person.
  6. Project Manager assigns the action items to appropriate stakeholders and obtains their commitment.
  7. Project Manager tracks the action items to closure.

Guidelines for Milestone Review Meeting

  1. Milestone review meeting may be conducted along with regular higher management status meeting of that week or a separate meeting at an appropriate time after milestones completion.
  2. Usually, the following are included in the relevant stakeholders of the milestone review meeting, however other stakeholders may be invited as required:
    • Development Manager
    • Quality Assurance Manager
    • Process Engineering Lead
    • Configuration Controller
    • Project Team (Quality Assurance and Development)
  3. Usually, the agenda of the milestone review meeting includes the following points (however, more points may be included as required) :
    • Review of overall milestone progress in terms of effort and schedule variance.
    • Review of customer Feedback (if any).
    • Issue/problems faced by the project team during milestone.
    • Lessons learned during milestone and improvement suggestion for next milestones.