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Project Measurement & Analysis Planning Process


Objectives of planning are to define the measures/metrics that are aligned with organization’s information needs and objectives as well as their data collection, storage, analysis and reporting procedures and necessary resources required to execute these procedures both an organization and project level.

Process Entry/Exit Criteria

Entry CriteriaExit Criteria
  • Organization information needs and measurement objectives are established.
  • Measures/metrics are defined at organization and project level.
  • Data collection, storage, analysis, and reporting methods are defined for each measure/metric.

Process Inputs/Outputs

  • Organizational Measurements Specification (Organizational Information Needs & Measurement Objective Section)
  • Organizational Measurements Specification
  • Project Plan (Measurements Section)


Measurement & Analysis Planning at Organization Level:
    1. Software Engineering Process Group/Higher Management defines the measures/metrics necessary to address measurement objectives in the Organizational Measurements Specification.
    2. Software Engineering Process Group/Higher Management defines the organizational target to be achieved for each measure/metric if required.
    3. Process engineering team defines the data collection, storage, analysis and reporting methods along with data collection frequency, responsible roles and supporting tools for each measure/metric in the Organizational Measurements Specification.
    4. Process engineering team sends the Organizational Measurements Specification to Software Engineering Process Group for review and approval.
    5. Software Engineering Process Group reviews the Organizational Measurements Specification and provides the review feedback to the Process engineering team (if any).
    6. Process engineering team updates the Organizational Measurements Specification as required and resubmits for approval.
    7. Software Engineering Process Group Lead approves the Organizational Measurements Specification.
    8. Process engineering team publishes the approved Organizational Measurements Specification to all relevant stakeholders, concerned departments and responsible roles for executing measurement and analysis activities.
    9. After approval as a result of changes, Organizational Measurement Specification may be published by sending email to the stakeholders or through training sessions.
Measurement & Analysis Planning at Project Level:
    1. Project Manager defines the project related measures/metrics in the respective project plan by referring or tailoring the standard measures/metrics.
    2. Project Manager plans the customer feedbacks, feedback frequency, phase in which feedback will be collected and feedback analysis mechanism.
    3. Project Manager schedules the major data collection, measurement reports preparation, and analysis meeting activities in the project schedule.
    4. Project Schedule is communicated to assigned personnel and relevant stakeholders responsible for different measurement and analysis activities.

Guidelines for Measurement & Analysis Planning

Measurement targets for new metrics may not be set at the beginning of any previous data or industry standard is not available for benchmarking.
Usually, Project Manager plans the project related measures in project plan by referring or tailoring the standard measures defined in the Organizational Measurement Specification, However PM can also define some additional measures as required to address some specific information needs of the project.