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Project Measurement & Analysis Execution Process


Objectives are to perform the measurement and analysis activities as they are planned; evaluate the performance against measurement objectives and defined targets, and take timely decisions and appropriate corrective or preventive actions to accomplish desired goals both at project and organization level.

Process Entry/Exit Criteria

Entry CriteriaExit Criteria
  • Project Plan/Organizational Measurements Specification is established and communicated.
  • Different project and organizational level measurement reports are prepared and communicated
  • Corrective/Preventive Actions and Process Improvement Opportunities are identified, assigned and track to closure
  • Measurements specification are updated for revised or new measures or measurement targets (as required)

Process Inputs/Outputs

  • Organizational Measurements Specification
  • Project Plan (Measurements Section)
– Project Level Measurement Reports

  • Internal Status Reports
  • Milestone Review Reports
  • Post-Project Review Report

– Organization Level Measurement Reports

    • Projects Statistics Report
    • IQA Tracking and Analysis Reports
    • Purchase Measurement Report
    • Training Measurement Report


  1. Assigned personnel collect the measurement data against each defined measure/metric according to defined frequency using specified tools and following defined data collection methods as per project plan/Organizational Measurement Specification.
  2. Assigned personnel perform an initial analysis of data by applying defined formulas and interpretation formats (e.g. graphs, etc.) using standard templates designed for each measure/metric at different levels of analysis.
  3. Assigned personnel store the measurement and analysis result in the specified location/repository according to respective project plan/organizational measurements specification.
  4. Assigned personnel communicate the measurement results/reports to relevant stakeholders as defined in project plan/organizational measurements specification.
  5. Assigned personnel assist the relevant stakeholders in understanding the measurement results by sending contextual information necessary to understand and interpret measurement results or by presenting and discussing the results in a meeting according to project plan/organizational measurements specification.
  6. Relevant stakeholders review the measurement and analysis results/reports against identified information needs, measurement objectives, and organizational targets; and identify any corrective/preventive action or process improvement need.
  7. Relevant stakeholders may define the new measures, measurement objectives, and targets, or revise existing measurement definitions on the basis of current achievements.
  8. Suggested corrective/preventive actions, process improvement opportunities, updates of measurements specification are assigned to concerned personnel and track to closure according to Project Plan and Organizational Measurement Specification.