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Project Kickoff


Purpose of formal Kickoff is to communicate the commencement of the project along with the project profile to all relevant stakeholders

Process Entry/Exit Criteria

Entry CriteriaExit Criteria
  • Project Contract is signed off
  • Project stakeholders are notified about project kick-off.

Process Inputs/Outputs

  • Signed contract
  • Project Kickoff an email to the project team and other stakeholders


  1. After contract sign off, DevMgr forms a core team for the project that consists of a DevTL, QATL, CC and a PM (if not assigned earlier).
  2. DevMgr sends a Kickoff an email to the core team and other relevant stakeholders for the formal commencement of the project using the Timesheet System. Relevant stakeholders include:
  • CEO
  • Internal Contact Person
  • Process Engineering Manager
  • Customer Contact Person

Guidelines for Project Kickoff

  1. At least core team is required at this stage to carry out project planning, and analysis & design activities. Other team members may also be assigned at this level depending upon the nature of the project.

For ongoing projects of a particular customer, if a project team is dedicatedly assigned on a project, kickoff email/meeting for next projects/releases can also be initiated by PM instead of DevMgr.