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Software Project Development

Development Team Follows Below Coding Standards

  • Team Lead first checks if an organizational coding standard is available for the programming language and frameworks used for this project.
  • After checking for the coding standard, team Lead prepares a Code Review checklist.
  • Team Lead sends the Coding Standards and Code Review Checklist to the Development Manager for review and approval.
  • Manager reviews and approves the Coding Standards & Code Review Checklist.
  • The manager sends Coding Standards to Customer for review and approval before the coding start if a customer has an in-house development team or Development Manager wants to share it with the customer.
  • Developer develops an understanding of defined Coding Standards before writing code.
  • The developer writes code following the Coding Standards as per project schedule.

Perform Unit Testing

Developer follows below steps for unit testing:

  • Deploys the code on a development platform for unit testing.
  • Plans his unit tests by documenting unit test scenarios including unit testing steps and expected results in the Unit Testing Report.
  • Performs the unit testing on his assigned code unit as per project schedule.
  • Documents the unit testing results in Unit Testing Report which includes the status of each test, defects, problems, and observations.
  • Updates the code to fix the issues identified in the unit testing and update the status of issues in the Unit Testing Report.

Perform Code Review

  • Developer deploys the code on a development platform for unit testing.
  • Technical QA Engineer reviews the code using the Code Review Checklist as per project schedule.
  • QA Engineer can have a joint code review session with the individual Developer or with whole development team or review code on his own place and provide comments in the Code Review Checklist.
  • Technical QA Engineer verifies that written Code follows the defined Coding Standards.
  • Developers update their Code according to review comments in Code Review Checklist and update the status of issues as well.

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