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Project Configuration Audit Process


Configuration Audits are intended to ensure the integrity of the project baselines. Configuration audit verifies that baselines are not only established by following the process of establishing baselines but also ensures that changes made to baseline are controlled as well as baselines are updated as a result of changes.

Process Entry/Exit Criteria

Entry CriteriaExit Criteria
  • Baseline is established
  • Configuration Audit is planned and scheduled
  • Configuration Audit time is reached according to schedule.
  • Configuration Audit is conducted and audit results are communicated
  • Issues identified in the Audit report are addressed
  • Corrective action taken is verified and issues are closed.

Process Inputs/Outputs

  • Configuration Management Plan
  • Project Schedule
  • Baseline Authorization Report
  • Configuration Status Accounting Reports
  • Issue List
  • Configuration Audit Report


  1. Assigned auditor conducts the configuration audit as per the audit schedule following the audit checklist provided in the configuration audit report template.
  2. Assigned auditor verifies all the points in the checklist and records the audit findings in the configuration audit report.
  3. Assigned auditor finalizes the report by clearly documenting the issues in configuration audit report and sent to the Project Manager, Configuration Controller, Development Manager, and Quality Assurance Manager.
  4. Project Manager with the consent of Configuration Controller defines the appropriate corrective actions to be taken in order to address issues and assigns resources with the due date.
  5. Assigned resources take corrective actions according to the report.
  6. Auditor verifies the corrective action taken and closes the issues.

Guidelines for Release Management

  1. Configuration Audits for projects should not be conducted by Configuration Controller assigned to that project for Configuration Management activities and also should not be the project team member, rather a Configuration auditor should be an independent person trained to perform Configuration Audits.