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Project Build Management Process


The objective of the building management is to manage and control the internal shipments from development to Quality Assurance team for system testing purpose.

Process Entry/Exit Criteria

Entry CriteriaExit Criteria
  • The code is developed, reviewed and integrated
  • Builds are scheduled
  • All planned system testing cycles are completed and all defect fixes are verified
  • Code labels are updated against all builds

Process Inputs/Outputs

  • Project Schedule
  • Configuration Management Plan
  • Shipment Package (Integrated Code, other documents required for Testing)
  • Shipment Emails
  • System Tested Code with code labels for each Build


  1. After development and code integration, Development Team Lead applies appropriate code label according to Code Labeling Scheme guidelines given in the Configuration Management Plan or standard process.
    Development team prepares the build package (that may include code, Data Base scripts and installation/deployment instructions, etc.) for systems testing
  2. Development Team Lead informs the Configuration Controller about the readiness of build package through an email.
  3. Configuration Controller ensures the code label and verifies the build package.
  4. Configuration Controller notifies the Quality Assurance team to process the build by forwarding the shipment email.
  5. Quality Assurance team gets the build package and installs/deploys the application according to provided installation instructions
  6. Quality Assurance team start system testing cycles as per test plan.
  7. During system testing cycles, Quality Assurance team reports the identified defects to development team and development team fixes the reported defects.
  8. Development Team Lead updates the Code label against defect fixes and informs the Configuration Controller to send the updated code patch to Quality Assurance team.
  9. Configuration Controller verifies the code changes and ensures that appropriate code label is applied according to Code Labeling Scheme in Configuration Management Plan.
  10. Configuration Controller informs the Quality Assurance team about patch against defects.
  11. Quality Assurance team gets the patch and performs fixes verification against reported defects and continues further testing.
  12. Above process gets repeated until all planned testing cycles are completed.

Guidelines for Build Management

  1. Preparation of Deployment Notes is not mandatory for each build; rather it is on the discretion of Project Manager to prepare Deployment Notes for each build or just send a build email containing shipment details (code files, deployments instructions, etc.). However, it is recommended to have a Deployment Notes using a standard template at least for builds of last testing cycle. This practice will also ensure the verification of deployment notes.