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Project Analysis and Design Approval Process


An objective of this activity is to validate requirements by obtaining customer feedback and approval.

Process Entry/Exit Criteria

Entry CriteriaExit Criteria
  • Analysis and Design Specification is reviewed and updated internally
  • Analysis and Design Specification is reviewed and approved by the customer and published to project team

Process Inputs/Outputs

  • Reviewed and Updated Analysis and Design Specification
  • Project Schedule
  • Approved Analysis and Design Specification.
  • Distribution Email to project team.


  1. After internal review and update, Analysis and design specifications are sent to the customer for review and approval.
  2. If a customer raises some issues, Development Team updates Analysis and Design Specifications to address them and resubmits the specification to the customer for approval.
  3. Customer sends approval through any agreed upon communication mode.
  4. Development Team Lead publishes the approved specification to the project team.
  5. Whenever a new team member is added to the team, Development Team Lead shares the Requirements Specification with a new team member.
  6. If a change has occurred in the Analysis and Design Specification after baseline, the change will be handled through the Change Management Process

Guidelines for Analysis and Design Approval

  1. As Analysis and Design Specification contains the output of two phases- Requirements analysis and Design, So, customer review and approval may be performed more than one time, first after completion of requirements and finally for design part as required. Usually, customers are not interested in review and approval of Design, in such a case, Design approval is not required but if it is explicitly required by the customer, Analysis and Design Spec. must be sent for review and approval.
  2. Analysis and Design Specification should also be published to the project team every time it is approved or baselined due to authorized changes.
  3. Analysis and Design Specification may be published to the project team by sending an email about availability of approved specification in the project repository and link of its path in Visual Safe Source