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Post Project Review Meeting Process


Post project review is of great importance as it helps the project team to analyze different trends and lessons learned to improve the overall working in next projects. This meeting also provides vital data at an organizational level to grow and improve.

Process Entry/Exit Criteria

Entry CriteriaExit Criteria
  • Project is completed
  • An internal status report is updated and communicated
  • Customer status report is reviewed and sent to the customer

Process Inputs/Outputs

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Measurements Data
  • Post-Project Review Report
  • Updated Post Project Review Report
  • Project Profile


  1. On project completion, a post-project review meeting is conducted by the Project Manager
  2. Project Manager collects data required for the preparation of the Post Project Review meeting. Required data includes:
    • Measurement data against defined measures
    • Data on customer feedback
  3. Project Manager with the coordination of Development Team Lead and Quality Assurance Team Lead consolidates measurements results and customer feedbacks and prepares the Post Project Review
  4. Report using the Post Project Review Report template.
  5. Project Manager defines the meeting agenda and meeting schedules.
  6. Project Manager sends an email to inform meeting participants about the meeting schedule, Post Project Review Report and meeting agenda.
  7. Project Manager conducts the meeting according to meeting schedule and agenda
  8. Project Manager presents the measurement results and customer feedback before the meeting participants.
  9. Meeting participants perform analysis of measurement results against measurement objectives and targets as defined in Project Plan/Organization
  10. Measurement Specification; and identify appropriate corrective/preventive actions or improvements.
  11. Project Manager asks for the other issues and lessons learned during the course of the project as well as suggestions for future improvement.
  12. Meeting participants present their issues, lessons learned and improvement suggestions
  13. Meeting participants perform the root cause analysis for the issues required corrective and preventive actions and assign action items to the relevant stakeholders.
  14. Project Manager updates the Post Project Review Report for analysis and measurement results, stakeholder’s issues, lessons learned and improvement opportunities.
  15. Project Manager sends the updated Post Project Review Report to the meeting participants, project contact person, and CEO.
  16. Project Manager logs the issues in the relative issue management systems (e.g. Help desks) for tracking and updates the status of issues in the Post Project Review Report.
  17. Project Manager prepares the project profile to summarize the project information using the Project Profile template and submit to Development Manager.
  18. Development Manager stores project profile in the Project profile repository.

Guidelines for Post Project Review Meeting

  1. Usually meeting agenda includes the following points, however others points may also be included as required:
    • Review of measurement results against defined measures.
    • Review of customer feedback.
    • Issues faced by the project team and other stakeholders during milestone.
    • Improvement Suggestions.
    • Lessons Learned.
  2. Usually following are the meeting participants, however others stakeholders may also be invited as required:
    • Development Manager
    • Quality Assurance Manager
    • Process Engineering Lead
    • Configuration Controller
    • Project Team (Quality Assurance and Development)
  3. Project Manager will first log the identified issues and action items in Post project review report and then transfer the issues to concerned persons/departments by logging them in the related Helpdesk systems or issue management systems for tracking purpose. Following Helpdesks are usually used for logging and tracking issues:
    • Process Improvement Helpdesk for Process related issues.
    • Networks/IT Helpdesk for hardware, software, networking or other infrastructure facilities related issues.
    • Management Helpdesk for issues related to project teams coordination, resource assignment, training, customer, technology, configuration management or Quality Assurance/System Testing.