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Play framework

Technosoft has successfully used Play framework to build scalable & complex web applications. Play Framework makes it easy to build web applications with Java & Scala. It integrates components and APIs for modern web application development based on a lightweight, stateless, web friendly architecture and features.

Play is completely written in Scala. Scala has enabled Play to do some amazing things like its fully reactive streaming APIs, type-safe compiled templates and much more.

Play framework is developer friendly, focuses on developer productivity and targets restful architectures. Play is a pure Java framework, uses Java libraries and allows you to keep your preferred development tools and libraries. If you already use Java as a development platform you don’t need to switch to another language, another IDE and other libraries. Just switch to a more productive Java environment!

components of play framework

Need of Modern web & mobile:

Play was built for needs of modern web & mobile apps. Play is fully RESTful by default, Asset Compiler for CoffeeScript, LESS, etc. Support extensive NoSQL & Big Data. All controller entry points and business logic methods are declared as static. Easily build administration UI with little code.

Lightweight and Stateless:

As Play is fully RESTful, There is no Java EE session per connection. This makes Play more outwardly scalable than many other frameworks.

Elegant API:

Play comes with all the typical stuff built-in. Rarely will a developer need to import any third party library.

No configuration requires:

Download, unpack and develop.

Integrated unit testing:

JUnit and Selenium support is included in the core.

Asynchronous I/O:

As it used JBoss Netty as its web server, Play can service long requests asynchronously rather than tying up HTTP threads doing business logic like Java EE frameworks that don’t use the asynchronous support offered by Servlet 3.0

Scala module:

Play provides complete support with a Scala specific database access layer (Anorm) and templating language.

Agile perfect:

Play is a perfect companion to agile software development.

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components of play framework

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