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Phyzit TCM

Phyzit TCM


Client: Healthcare Physician
Purpose: EMR Care Management Solution


Phyzit TCM is a transition of care management solution. The Phyzit solution allows physicians to visit patients via secure Video conferencing solution virtually. Phyzit is currently an iOS-based solution on the client side with a .net based backend hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Phyzit is integrated with Athena EMR. After a few unsuccessful attempts to develop this system by other offshore vendors, Phyzit Management engaged Technosoft for this task. EMR Care Management Solution has worked with the Offshore company and local vendors. Both experiences did not produce any fruitful result.

The opportunity was given to Technosoft to create the system from almost scratch. Technosoft provides all development, deployment and level 2 help desk support services.Phyzit

Technology & Achievements:

  • Native iOS 7+ app for iPhones (S12-S16, S26)
  • .NET based web portal
  • Integration with SMS library Twilio
  • StoryBoards for iOS development
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Video conferencing using Zoom SDK
  • Video conferencing via Mobile to Mobile or Mobile to Web
  • Push notifications
  • Sync patient data on multiple devices
  • Information is saved offline and sync with server securely and is available even without internet connection.
  • Athena Integration


Technosoft and Phyzit in Press.

About Client:

How Phyzit software removes the headache of TCM? What Zana J. Care Manager, Crossett, AR says about Phyzit? How Phyzit securely connecting patients & physicians? Get answers to these and more interesting facts about Phyzit, Inc on:

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