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One Life. Live It.

One Life. Live It.

Client: Healthcare Services Provider
Purpose: Patient Questionnaire & Reporting Platform

One Life. Live It. (OLLI) is a web-based Patient Questionnaire & Reporting Platform. OLLI is developed to capture and collate data about people’s general health and medical conditions. It captures data through multiple channels such as user-generated content (i.e. survey responses) and professional services (i.e. practitioner’s examination).

Client Requirements:

The aim of One Life. Live It. is to guarantee exceptional quality of corporate medical services and well-being programs, with ease of delivery. OLLI has a very strong position as the leading central repository for Australia’s health and medical record keeping.

The first phase of a platform was already developed and it was given to Technosoft to develop second and third phases. The outcome of these two phases was required under a dashboard with:

  • Doctor Reports and Clinic Notes
  • Final Report Available Online with PDF export function.

Business Solution Provided:

OLLI is developed as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based survey and reporting platform that allows patients and doctors to input, capture, and update data regarding a patient’s health and well-being. This data presents to relevant stakeholders in a secure and timely manner. The data stored on the platform can be easily exported in the form of a professional, easy-to-digest PDF report outlining the current state of the patient’s health and well-being. The report compline a combination of template responses (based on survey answers) and doctor’s feedback (based on physician’s examination).

Technosoft had to address all the challenges mentioned above within a very limited timeframe. We decided to develop the solution in Microsoft .NET platform and it consisted of following major modules.

  • Patient Registration and Survey
  • Doctor Report and Clinic Notes
  • Final Report Available Online with PDF export Function
  • Call Center Patient Booking Function including Collecting Patient Information
  • Scheduling and Calendar Function
  • File Attachment Function i.e. attaching DHM report to the patient profile
  • Integration with Xero

Technologies Used:

  • iOS App developed specifically for Burn Physicians
  • Asp.net Core
  • Entity Framework 7
  • AngularJS 1

About Client:

The aim of One Life. Live It. is to guarantee exceptional quality of corporate medical services and well-being programs. OLLI focus is on the prevention and early detection of illness, injury and disease in the workplace; providing programs to maximize worker productivity and assisting injured staff through the workers’ compensation and rehabilitation processes.

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