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OCR, ICR, OMR, OIR, Barcode Readers


Technosoft Automate Document-Driven Processes


These days Healthcare organizations, medical billing service providers, Hospitals, Physicians and other healthcare professionals have to digitize loads of paper documents, records, forms and have to find critical information in seconds from within their databases.

Technosoft automation expertise helping providers:

  • To recognize data sooner and avoid writing off
  • To extract healthcare database structured and make it ready to use for Hospitals, Physicians, Nurses, Doctors, and other healthcare professionals
  • To save time looking for papers and scattered patient’s files
  • To eliminate manual data classification and retrieve important information in seconds
  • To increase the transparency of medical information flows

To recognize different types of documents or to digitize, our automation services include:


With Technosoft OCR (Optical Character Recognition) services, machine printed texts are being captured and converted into digital format.


Unlike machine printed text, handprinted texts are more constraints with irregular spacing, different baseline, and variable strokes and shapes. Technosoft ICR services are helping providers to capture handwriting or hand printed text and save them in digital format.


Optical Mark Recognition Technology reads bubbles and checkmarks. The required data is easily captured by our OMR experts to determine the responses of the individuals.


Just like OCR, our Optical Invoice Recognition service is helping providers to capture information written in blocks.

Barcode Readers

Barcodes contain a number of impressions. A barcode reader service enables extraction of encrypted data from these images and incorporates the information in the database.