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Client: Computer Software Provider

Purpose: Scanning System

Executive Summary:

The main purpose was to provide school districts with a utility to assist with matching student records from a State provided ASCII Direct Certified (DC) list to a Student Information System (SIS) ASCII file. Once those students were matched, the program would export a file for the purpose of importing into their Free and Reduced system.

Client Requirements:
  • A login prompt and database was needed
  • To Create one Admin account with username ‘’ and password ‘n-ltech1’
  • The user will be able to configure and import DC and SIS files
  • The user will be able to configure and run the Automatic Match or the Manual Match
  • The user will be able to export the DC file
  • The user will be able to look up a student record and manually add/remove as a DC

Solution Provided:

We made the import setup much easier for the user to perform. To do this we used the same interface screen for the import setups (both DC Import and SIS Import) but had two tabs. One for ‘Standard’ setup (new interface) and one for ‘Advanced’ setup (old interface).

Standard tab – After the user clicked the button ‘DC Records’ or ‘SIS Records’ to import, the ‘DC or SIS Import File Configuration screen’ would launch (defaulted to the Standard tab). (We can leave the setup menu for these imports under the ‘Setup’ menu too). The user would then select the location of the file to import, specify the type of file if it has a header row and defines each column.

Standard tab



Important Achievements:

Following were some important technical achievements in this project:

  • SQL Server indexing and Stored Procedure implementation improvements.
  • Usage of LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Objects.
  • Implementation of project source code in three layers consisting of User Interface, Business logic, and Data access layers.
  • Creation of Generic methods to be used in other projects later.
  • Used a phonetic algorithm “Metaphone” to match students.
  • Built installer in InstallShield.
  • Documentation using CMMI level 3.


Following were the technologies that have been used in developing NS6:

  • .NET Framework 3.5
  • Visual Studio 2008
  • SQL Server 2005 and 2008
  • Crystal Reports
  • InstallShield

About Client:

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