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Client: Healthcare IT Company

Purpose: Secure Video Calling

MySecureMeeting™ (MSM) is built on WebRTC, a standards-based approach to enabling real-time communications through a common set of APIs.

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) defines a way for browsers to implement technologies like video chat in a way that is both interoperable with other clients and does not require the use of a plug-in.



WebRTC is an important and essential step towards democratizing communications online because it marks the first time that a powerful real-time communications (RTC) standard has been open sourced for public consumption. It opens the door for a new wave of RTC web applications that will change the way we communicate today.

Technology & Achievements:

  • Native app for iOS 6 and onwards
  • OpenTok SDK
  • Video conferencing via Mobile to Web
  •  Video conferencing using OpenTok SDK that is based on WebRTC standard
  •  Integration with Drupal-based web end for OpenTok
  •  Joining video session with just a click on a link in emails
  •  Video conferencing works in the background when a user is a navigation in the application

About Client:

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