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Nowadays software is everywhere. In the microwaves, in the cars, in space shuttles, in medical equipment, and obviously in legacy computer systems. It’s an exciting time for the software field. Every day that goes by brings new ideas and exciting applications of software for the benefit of human beings.

We at Technosoft are mesmerized with this constant development. We take great honor and pride to be part of this revolution. We believe trillions of lines of code need to be written before even we can get to a midpoint in this revolution. We also believe that this great demand requires a very high-quality supply of software development services. This is where Technosoft comes in:

Technosoft is a leading offshore software-outsourcing provider with offices in USA, Canada, and Pakistan. Our mission is to provide quality software development services that fulfill the needs of end users. We want to be partners with companies who are passionate about using software for a competitive edge. Companies who are looking for high-quality software development services at a reasonable price.

We specialize in a full spectrum of software development. These services include Application Design and Development, Business Automation, and Software Enhancements and Maintenance.

Please contact us and start a software revolution in your organization. Join us in building a quality software solution for your organization. I will personally make sure that you are provided with the best software development services possible.

Anis Siddiqy 
MA, Software Engineering (Harvard)
President and CEO

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