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Client: Healthcare IT Company
Purpose: E-Voting & Response Systems

Meridia helps companies big and small adopt and integrate interactive presentation, training, and survey technology. Leading the field since 1970, Meridia focuses on interactive solutions that help engage audiences, increase knowledge retention, and automate data collection. Meridia makes group interaction SIMPLE and technology INTUITIVE.

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About Client:

How Meridia works?, How it can Increase your average client spend?, What to create clear and concise treatment planning? and what is its benefit from a smooth transition process? Get answer of these and more interesting facts about Meridia on:

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We have extensive exposure and experience in custom healthcare and medical software development and Healthcare Integration. Our healthcare software offerings include Electronic medical records, HMIS, EHR, Medical billing and coding, medical practice management.

Engage with our business and technology experts for strategic solutions that address the full scope of healthcare issues today, from compliance through integrated health management.


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