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Purpose: E-Voting & Response Systems

Since 1970, Meridia has been helping trainers and educators integrate interactive audience response systems into their training content and lesson plans. They focus on interactive solutions that help engage participants, increase knowledge retention, and automate data collection. Associations and governments make their elections and voting faster and more efficient with Meridia’s secure and simple electronic voting systems. All of Meridia’s products can be quickly customized to fit customer needs.

Meridia’s polling system was incorporated into an Android tablet solution for the AADE, America Association for Diabetes Educators.  Technosoft has been helping Meridia with .Net development using Azure, .Net core, signalR and many other technologies since 2009.


MERIDIA audience response system does involve following technologies and infrastructure:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • C# 
  • .NET Core, .NET Framework
  • Visual C++
  • Cordova Mobile Development 
  • Android Native Development
  • Windows Presentation Foundation etc

Benefits & Achievements:

  • MERIDIA audience response management system is a highly robust solution and can be customized easily according to client’s almost every requirement.
  • This really helps improve and accelerate collecting votes from the usual manual voting system.
  • MERIDIA audience system gives multiple choices to let you do and option to the way you want to do.
  • It can be used in 
    • Corporate, Safety Training and Compliance
    • Market Research & Surveys
    • Meeting & Events
    • Student Learning
    • City or Other Governments etc
  • Much accurate than manual system.

About Client:

How Meridia works?, How it can help you implement polling and capture results during a presentation? How Meridia’s secure solutions can be used in Chronic Care related training and in a healthcare setup, in general. Get an answer to these and more interesting facts about Meridia on:


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