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Meaningful use

Meaningful Use in Healthcare

Meaningful use (MU), in a health information technology (HIT) context, defines the use of electronic health records (EHR) and related technology within a healthcare organization. Eligible Providers can receive up to $44,000 in Medicare and $63,750 in Medicaid by fulfilling the requirements set forth by CMS. To receive the most compensation, physicians and hospitals must accomplish stage 1 of meaningful use of EHR for at the least a 90-day period within the 2011 or 2012 federal fiscal year and for the entire year thereafter.

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Meaningful Use Stages:

Meaningful Use extents across five years with three stages. An EHR technology should be adopted that should achieve objectives set forth by CMS, in order for EPs (Eligible Providers) and EHs (Eligible Hospitals) to receive incentive dollars.

Below is a view of each stage and its primary focus:(Table Source: HealthIT.gov )


Meaningful Use stage 2


Meaningful Use extents across five years with three stages. So as for EPs (Eligible carriers) and EHs (Eligible Hospitals) to receive incentive dollarsan authorized EHR technology have to be followed and used to achieve goals set forth by using CMS.

EHR Adoption and Meaningful Use
MU Stage 1 Meaningful Use Stage 1 Core Objectives
MU Stage 1 Menu Objectives


Meaningful Use stage 2

Stage 2 of the CMS EHR Incentive Program began in 2014, it uses advanced clinical processes. The main focus of requirements is:

  • Health information exchange between providers
  • Patient engagement by giving them secure online access to their health information

EHR Adoption and Meaningful Use
Eligible Providers Core Objectives – 17 measures and all must be met


Meaningful Use stage 2The rule has not been finalized for CMS EHR Incentive Program Stage 3 but it is scheduled to begin in 2017. Policy and Standards committees are developing recommendations to continue to expand meaningful use objectives to improve health care outcomes. October 2015 – Final Rules Published.




Learn more about Meaningful Use Stage 1 and Meaningful Use Stage 2 Objectives.

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