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Meaningful Use Stage 2

Technosoft helps providers throughout the Meaningful Use process and across the finish line to get incentive payment. We provide technical consultancy and help in completing MU stages objectives.

Stage 2 Meaningful Use, scheduled to begin in 2014, introduces new objectives and measures, as well as higher brinks, requiring providers to extend EHR capabilities to a larger portion of their patient populations. Eligible professionals have to meet 17 required core objectives, and three out of six menu set objectives.

Stage 2 Eligible Providers Core Objectives – 17 measures and all must be met

  Core Objective                                                                                                                 Measure




Use CPOE for more than 60% of medication, 30% of the laboratory, and 30% of radiology


2. E-Rx


E-Rx for more than 50%


3. Demographics


Record demographics for more than 80%


4. Vital Signs


Record vital signs for more than 80%


5. Smoking Status


Record smoking status for more than 80%


6. Interventions


Implement 5 clinical decision support interventions + drug/drug and drug/allergy


7. Labs


Incorporate lab results for more than 55%


8. Patient List


Generate patient list by a specific condition


9. Preventive Reminders


Use EHR to identify and provide reminders for preventive/follow-up care for more than 10% of patients with two or more office visits in the last 2 years


10. Patient Access


Provide online access to health information for more than 50% with more than 5% actually accessing


11. Visit Summaries


Provide office visit summaries for more than 50% of office visits


12. Education Resources


Use EHR to identify and provide education resources more than 10%


13. Secure Messages


More than 5% of patients send secure messages to their EP


14. Rx Reconciliation


Medication reconciliation at more than 50% of transitions of care


15. Summary of Care


Provide the summary of care document for more than 50% of transitions of care and referrals with 10% sent electronically and at least one sent to a recipient with a different EHR vendor or successfully testing with CMS test EHR


16. Immunizations


Successful ongoing transmission of immunization data


17. Security Analysis


Conduct or review security analysis and incorporate in risk management process

Stage 2 EP Menu Objectives – 3 of 6 measures must be met

Menu Objective



1. Imaging Results


More than 10% of imaging results are accessible through Certified EHR Technology


2. Family History


Record family health history for more than 20%


3. Syndromic Surveillance


Successful ongoing transmission of syndromic surveillance data


4. Cancer


Successful ongoing transmission of cancer case information


5. Specialized Registry


Successful ongoing transmission of data to a specialized registry


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