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Maintenance And Enhancements

We can take over mainatince and enhancement of an already written application or write one from scratch and continue to provide support after it goes into production.

maintenance and enhancementsExisting Application Maintenance and Enhancements

We provide performance enhancements, browser compatibility enhancements, mobile application memory utilization, application response time support, etc. We provide application maintenance and enhancement support to many of our customers. Writing a software application from scratch is always easier compared to maintaining and enhancing code written by someone else. However, we specialize in maintenance support. That is one of the reason, 80-90% of our work comes from our existing customers. We have customers with a legacy desktop application as well as mobile application vendor with thousands of end users.


applications systemMaintenance and Enhancement Services

Our maintenance and enhancement services can be obtained on time and expense basis, by hiring a full-time employee, or by buying a block of hours. For new customers, we do not charge for ramp up hours. That means if you switch to Technosoft for maintenance, we will invest in understanding your code and do not charge you for any time spent, till our team become efficient and start to fix bugs or implement software enhancements for you. We work with all types of ticketing systems and can integrate within your existing help desk workflow.


App DevelopmentQuality Assurance

Each maintenance change is carefully reviewed and change impact analysis is done before code commits to avoid regression bugs. Our QA is adept at writing Selenium and other automated script so, after a change, we can run automated scripts and present a report along with the change.

We are also very familiar with the HotFixes and major-minor version release issues. Deployment of bug fixes requires careful orchestration of fix from the test environment to staging to production. We help in all phases from deploying code to shipment assurance on each subsequent environment.

Do you have any complex application?

If you think you have a complex application, complex user base or complex workflow, we can definitely help. We have worked with some of the technology giants on maintenance and enhancement projects. Please contact us to discuss your specific application support needs.

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