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Kareo Integration

Kareo HL7 Integration

Kareo is the only medical software platform purpose-built with the small practice in mind. Kareo’s cloud-based practice management software and billing services help small practices adapt to change and prosper. There are many small practices who are using Kareo and have a need to fetch Kareo data and use it into different other systems. Technosoft has done many such integrations.

Following are the few interfaces we have written to/from Kareo, using Kareo API:

We have integrated Kareo with many systems.

Soapware to Kareo Billing

Soapware provides an XML based output for all the charges (Superbill)
Technosoft posted these charges to Kareo using their createEncounter .net web services API.

The interface is written with extensive logging and fault tolerance in mind.

Kareo to Soapware Demographics ADT (Admission Discharge Transfers)

1: Kareo exposes two web services (GetPatients and createEncounter) that were used to get demographics from Kareo and create charges into Kareo.

2: SoapWare accepts a CSV file for patient demographics. It uses a CSV file but it is more of a segment based file similar to HL7. A typical CSV (Comma Separated Values) file has all rows contains similar data, and in the segment based file, there are multiple types of rows that need to be created/parsed. So we were not able to use either the HL7 transformer or CSV transformer classes. We created custom transformer classes to create the files needed by SOAPware.

3: Kareo restricts polling of its system to every 5-10 minutes. So the interface was developed with that restriction in mind.

Insurance Management System for Past Due Accounts.

1: API used for Insurance, Demographics data fetch.

2: Extensive reporting based on past due to insurance data.

3: Workflow assignments for internal staffs to follow up on past due accounts.

4: This was one of the applications where we stretched KAREO API to the extreme and worked extensively with Kareo API team to extend the solution to cater to our needs.

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