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Interface Specification Document

Generic Interface Specification Document

The document is structured as follows:

  • The main document consists of details about your Standard HL7 interface. You would usually send this main document, with some appendices, to your customer. So this is your equivalent to the other vendor’s interface specifications document.
  • An Appendix will contain additional specification section that will be used to document our internal (Technosoft and you’re) understanding of technical aspects of development and data flow between your system and our interface engine. After the interface development is done and the interface is handed over to you, this appendix can be removed from the specs and added to your technical documents library.
  • Another Appendix will be used to customize your “Standard Interface” at a client site. So here we document what changes have been made to your Standard Interface to make it work at a client site.
  • Your mapping tables document will contain the mappings that your standard interface uses. This document is also customized per customer.

So when you are in talks with a customer and they ask for your interface specs, you will send them the main document and tell them that you can customize the interface as per their needs. The customization they request will be documented in the third Appendix.


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