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HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance

HIPAA Compliance Security Rule and Privacy Rule

Since 2000, we have developed many HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance healthcare solutions, serving as Business Associates to many healthcare software vendors and covered entities.

Technosoft has been involved with major healthcare software providers to make their solutions HIPAA compliant since early 2000. We have senior HIMSS Certified Healthcare Security Professionals in our staff.

We have intimate knowledge of HIPAA privacy and security regulations and its local implementations/interpretations.

How qHIPAAuickly we can help?

We have pre-developed many software frameworks that help us quickly deliver a HIPAA compliant solution. All our healthcare software goes through a rigorous HIPAA checklist.

HIPAA Policies Implementation:

We have HIPAA policies implemented throughout our organization and we will be glad to sign a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement for software development or support service contracts.

Healthcare Exposure:

We have extensive exposure and experience in custom healthcare and medical software development and Healthcare Integration. Our healthcare software offerings include Electronic medical records, HMIS, EHR, Medical billing and coding, medical practice management.

Download whitepaper to read:

  • HIPAA implementation Policies Procedures and compliance at different security levels.
  • HIPAA Implementation checklist.
  • How much we care for customer’s privacy and security needs

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