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Higher Management Project Status Review Meeting Process


Purpose of this meeting is to review the project status with higher management and get their feedback and commitment.

Process Entry/Exit Criteria

Entry CriteriaExit Criteria
  • A project is kicked off
  • The updated project schedule is updated and communicated
  • Internal and customer status report is prepared and communicated
  • The project schedule is reviewed and updated
  • An internal status report is updated and communicated
  • Customer status report is reviewed and sent to the customer

Process Inputs/Outputs

  • Updated Project schedule
  • Logged Issues
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Internal Status Report
  • Customer Status Report
  • Updated and revised Project Schedule
  • Reviewed and updated Internal Status Report
  • Reviewed Customer Status Report


  1. Development Manager and Quality Assurance Manager conduct a higher management status review meeting with Project Manager according to meeting agenda as per plan.
  2. Development Manager reviews the project progress and team performance.
  3. If project progress is not satisfactory, Development Manager and Project Manager analyze causes of delays and determine if it requires corrective actions or warns a risk.
  4. If some corrective actions or risks are identified, Project Manager specifies them in the issue management system or risk management plan accordingly.
  5. Meeting participants review the risks list as well as status and progress of risks mitigation/avoidance and may suggest improvement as required.
  6. Meeting participants review the status of corrective actions against issues and suggest appropriate improvements if issue resolution or progress of corrective actions is not satisfactory.
  7. Development Manager reviews the next week tasks and the stakeholder’s commitments assigned on the tasks.
  8. Development Manager reviews the customer status report and status of customer related issues.
  9. Development Manager discusses all other agenda items and suggests appropriate actions accordingly.
  10. Project Manager updates the project schedule, internal and customer status report, and other affected plans and documents according to Development Manager comments.
  11. Project Manager distributes the updated project schedule to the project team.
  12. Project Manager sends the customer status report, internal status report and updated project schedule to internal contact person and Development Manager.
  13. Internal Contact Person sends the customer status report to the customer.

Guidelines for Higher Management Review Meeting

  1. Following are the agenda items of the Higher Management Review Meeting, however additional items may be included on the discretion of meeting participants:
    • Review of Project Progress (effort and schedule variance)
    • Status Review of project planning and monitoring activities
    • Status of Risk mitigation progress as well as the identification of new risks
    • Status of project issues (customer and project team)
    • Review of Customer Status Report
    • Review of Next Week Tasks
    • Any other point to be discussed
  2. From project team, usually participation of the Project Manager is required in the Higher Management Review; however, Quality Assurance Manager, Development Team Lead, Quality Assurance Team Lead or Internal Contact Person may be invited in the meeting where required.