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HealthFleet App

Client: Healthcare Solution Provider
Purpose: Chronic-care Solutions

HealthFleet™ OS, the open platform that’s breaking through the barriers of when, where and how. Using this you can integrate, coordinate, and deliver a personalized chronic-care experience — outside your four walls — any way you choose.

Healthcare providers know exactly what it takes to manage at-risk patients and chronic conditions: a greater level of interaction, coordination, and engagement than today’s fragmented solutions provide.
The HealthFleet™ OS Platform delivers all of these and more in one place. It’s easy to integrate and coordinate content, curricula, data and tools across providers, patients and conditions.

How Healthfleet Works:

  • Personalized Medical Nutrition and Behavioral Therapy-based health programs
  • Dedicated health counselors to oversee care and progress
  • An accessible team of cross-functional health specialists committed to each user’s success
  • Robust, easy-to-use online platform for secure, at-home counseling

About Client:

Is HealthFleet customized solution based on your proprietary content and protocols for engagement?, What three options it delivers to make your best for your business and your patients?, How it define and manage your own rules of patient engagement? Get answer of these and more interesting facts about HealthFleet, Inc on:

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