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KIE Drools Workbench
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Utilizing a Rules Engine in a Healthcare Software for Dynamic Workflow Using Drools Workbench & KIE Execution Server

As healthcare software is becoming more complex, rules engine are gaining popularity to help in directing users to different workflows based on dynamic rules. Hospitals and patients are accumulating a massive amount of data every second. IoHT, Internet of Healthcare Things, also is another source of massive data. All this data needs to be processed...
Amazon Lex vs Google Dialogflow

AWS Lex vs Google DialogFlow

Overview Chatbots have revolutionized the user experience when it comes to customer communication.  These intelligent programs have automated the slow customer responding approaches with quick, accurate and intuitive solutions.  We at Technosoft Solutions recently worked on creating a voice-enabled platform for a customer that will also include chatbots integration.  Requirements for a chatbot for our…
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Why are healthcare information systems important? The information technology has been witnessed in the healthcare industry with phenomenal growth. The development led to the problem with the development of healthcare-related computer systems on a computer network facing a problem of mutual communication when the systems speak different languages. In other words, there are many different…
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