EMR Care Management Solution

Phyzit TCM

Purpose: EMR Care Management Solution

Client: Healthcare Physician

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Burn Cases Assignment System


Purpose: Burn Cases Assignment System

Client: Healthcare IT Company

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Diabetes Educator Solution

HealthSlate Android Tablet App

Purpose: Diabetes Educator Solution

Client: Hospital and Health Care Services Provider

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Treatment Information

HealthSlate DE

Purpose: Medical/Treatment Information

Purpose: Client: Hospital and Healthcare Services Provider

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Communication Locum Event Organizer


Purpose: Communication & Locum Event Organizer

Client: Healthcare Recruitment Solutions Provider

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Personal Health Record System

Emerus Health

Purpose: Personal Health Record System

Client: Hospital & Health Care Solutions Provider

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Disease Management System

HealthSlate Patient App

Purpose: Care & Disease Management System

Client: Hospital

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Practitioners Communication


Purpose: General Practitioners Communication

Client: Events Services

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Portal for Physicians

Harley Street Doctors

Purpose: Custom Portal for Physicians

Client: Physicians

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Chronic-care Solutions


Purpose: Chronic-care Solutions

Client: Healthcare Solution Provider

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Scanning System


Purpose: Scanning System

Client: Computer Software Provider

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Mental Health Case Record

Precision Care

Purpose: Mental Health Case Record

Client: Healthcare Solution Provider

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urrent Appointment Database

Current Appointment Database

Purpose: Rehabilitation Appointment Scheduler

Client: Rehabilitation Software Provider

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Android Glucose Meter Reader

Glucose Meter Readers

Purpose: Android Glucose Meter Reader

Client: Hospital & Health Care

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