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Healthcare Software Projects

Owing to our more than fifteen years of experience in the healthcare IT sector, we have constructed and developed various projects and software. Our proficiency extends to many domains: Smart on FHIR, Electronic Health Records (EHR), HIPAA compliance, HL7 integration, and mobile health (mHealth). Our team has played a pivotal role in developing secure and resilient desktop, web, and mobile applications that have significantly transformed the accessibility and effectiveness of healthcare. Our profound understanding of healthcare regulations and standards and our advanced technological capabilities establish us as a dependable collaborator in developing healthcare software Projects.

Leading Innovations in Healthcare Software Projects

We have developed many health and fitness apps with Android, iOS .net, Java/J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Scala, Micro Services, Angular, Node, and web applications. Our solutions are deployed in over one thousand hospitals and clinics across the USA. One of Technosoft’s m-health mobile application is in use by over 150,000 users.

Let’s review our recent healthcare projects targeting EHR, mobile web apps, HIPAA-compliant hospitals, and Smart on FHIR, among other areas. One of our key commitments is solution building for healthcare specialists and patients that are not only security-minded but also seamless to use. Transformation and evolution of healthcare methods is what our initiatives are all about, due to better communication between caregivers and effective patient data management. 

SMART on FHIR apps

Behavioral Health SMART App



Goally App


Phyzit TCM

burnhelp application


HealthSlate Android Tablet App1

HealthSlate Android Tablet App

HealthSlate DE1

HealthSlate DE



HealthSlate Patient App

HealthSlate Patient App

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