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Goally App

Here, we demonstrate the purpose, client, problem, technologies and proposed solution for the Goally App.

Client: Behavioral & Child-Development Science
Purpose: Empowers kids with attention issues

Goally helps parents and kids with ADHD and autism have happier mornings and nights. Goally service integrates proven scientific therapies into a friendly, fun device for ages 4-21. Parents report more calm, self-reliant, confident children with Goally.

Technology & Achievements:

  • Activity tracker for children having issues like ADHD, based on real time communication with parent and child apps
  • Child app always have real time connection with parent app
  • COSU (dedicated devices) which allow child to do not use any other app while using goally
  • Exceptions Reporting
  • MongoDB to persist all data
  • React native for parent apps which support both android and iOS apps.
  • Web end portal & Web API implemented using Node JS and Meteor JS along with Mongo as a DB service
  • FCM Push notifications

Child’s Goally Device

  • Get on with your day while your child stays on task, with cool graphics and fun sounds.
  • The whole family can relax, while Goally points & rewards keep kids motivated.
  • Feel proud of your child’s new confidence and independence.
Child app - Goally App

myGoally Parent App

  • A solution that works for you, after feeling like you have tried everything.
  • Completely customizable to fit your unique child and schedule.
  • You don’t have to track points and behaviors. Your app does that for you!
Parent app - Goally App

About Client:

How Goally is to empower kids, and help families become happier and more connected?  Get answers to these and more interesting facts about Goally on:

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