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Glucose Meter Readers

Glucose Meter Readers

Client: Healthcare IT Company

Purpose: Android Glucose Meter Reader



Chronic Care Management requires an in-depth and timely knowledge of a patient’s health information. Typically, patient healthcare information is stored in different silos and it is very hard for the healthcare provider to gain timely and accurate access to such data. One of Technosoft’s clients is a driving force in the Diabetes Education and Management landscape. For Diabetes management, knowing patient’s glucose readings is a key. However, typically, a patient’s collect glucose meter readings in a self-maintained log or in the meter itself. And this silo of data never accurately and timely gets to the endocrinologists.

glucose meter reader


Our client also wanted to minimize the effort of patients for preparing blood glucose logs and write down precisely the information, i.e. date/time, before/after meals, glucose level, and numbers. For this purpose, an easy communication channel was required to transfer data from glucometers to smartphones.


Technosoft Solutions being an expert in the healthcare integration arena was tasked to make the communication possible and uploading this data to a secure HIPAA compliant cloud for provider viewing.

Business Challenges

While making the communication possible, the challenges faced were:

  • Hardware was not supported to communicate with the meters.
  • While some meter vendors provide the communication protocols to communicate with the meter, many don’t. And thus for some meters, the meter protocols were to be defined by hit and trial method.
  • Figure out the chips used in serial cables and their supported drivers and libraries for mobile devices.
  • Not all meter vendors use a standard like HL7 for data transfer and thus each vendor requires a different type of coding.
  • The documentation and samples available by the Glucose meter vendors are basically targeted for the PC with serial ports. And basic translation sometimes was not that easy for mobile devices on a USB or Blue tooth BLE.

In the U.S, every diabetic patient has his own meter to test blood glucose levels for maintaining the records. Instead of noting it down manually in a notebook and then take it to the provider, the potential communication was made to read out all the saved results in the meters on patient’s smartphone and PC screens.

The providers usually need to examine and monitor the glucose levels of their members before and after meals. This communication helped them to track the test results with the recorded values and easily observe the trends to examine medication cope with different meals. All a provider needs to do is: connect the meter with the hardware through a USB or serial cable and then view the meter results on the screen. This allows for creating a secure workflow between the provider and the member.

Technosoft team accepted the challenge and complexity of work by going through the client’s requirements and documents provided by vendors. The team also came up with a lot of queries and suggestions that were discussed with the client and then finally were able to propose thought-provoking solutions.

Keeping in mind the facts, all this data was fetched in a secure HIPAA compliant way while trying to follow FDA recommendations for risk management and CGMP, etc.

The end product consists of:

  • Transmitting data
  • Secure communication mode
  • Receiving data

System Constraints:

The communications will not the success if the device is not properly connected or the device drivers are not installed accurately.

Application Platforms:

HID supported Android devices


HID interface, SiLK Libraries, Prolific, and FTDI chips.


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