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Front-end Application Development

Project with Front End Technologies

Generally, we worked in following FE related technologies:

AngularJs with routing for SPA, Angular 4, Angular 5, Angular 6, Bootstrap, FontAwesome, LESS, SASS/SCSS, Angular Material Design, Contentful as CMS, React, redux, redux-thunk, react-router, React Native.

Front-end application development

Zillion Platform

Description: It is a multi-tenant platform aimed to reduce the gap between clients and service providers. Service providers can configure the programs they want to offer to clients as per their needs in great detail. More than that, it provides curriculum for clients, interact with clients via group or one-one sessions and gather different data points from clients and much more.

The most successful program that platform offers is specifically a weight loss program, that helps users in losing weight as well as reduce the risk of developing diseases like diabetes and heart diseases.


Areas we worked on: Multiple Web Applications that include member, provider and admin facing pages for different view modules, Worked on more than a hundred REST API endpoints for different modules and Cron Jobs for Different Business Implementations.


Tools/Technologies: AngularJS with routing for SPA, underscore.js, Bootstrap, FontAwesome, Contentful as CMS, and integrated with J2EE based backend architecture.


Arc Software – Operations Streamline

Description / Areas we worked on: We worked on many small projects to create the development and deployment process of different applications for the customer. We built and deployed a Jenkins instance and SonarQube on Amazon Fargate using a docker container. Moreover, we created a skeleton application aka Maven Archetype by combining SpringBoot, Vaadin, Thymeleaf and Angular 6 so that it can be used for future projects. We built and deployed nexus repository for our own artifacts. 


Tools/Technologies: Angular 6 with Java/Amazon based cloud architecture.


NewtonX Platform 

Description: NewtonX connects clients with experts using a unique set of automation tools. Where traditional expert networks rely on a finite number of pre-onboard experts, NewtonX takes advantage of a proprietary search algorithm to identify and onboard the best possible experts in the world for each specific request – whether or not those experts are already part of the NewtonX network.


Areas we worked on: Various features of the platform that help the users in searching experts and connecting with experts through different ways like sending messages etc., worked in the integration test suite for the platform and various REST endpoints to interact with the platform.


Tools/Technologies: REST Easy, Angular 5, with J2EE based backend technologies stack


NewtonX Public Site 

Description:  NewtonX connects clients with experts using a unique set of proprietary automation tools. Where traditional expert networks rely on a finite number of pre-onboarded experts, NewtonX leverages a proprietary search algorithm to identify and onboard the best possible experts in the world for each specific request – whether or not those experts are already part of the NewtonX network.


Tools/Technologies: Angular 5, Google Cloud Services for Data Storage and Deployments, Jenkins for Deployments, Angular 5, MyBatis, Cucumber, Mocha


F5 Surgicals

Description:  A web application to get data from Kareo, using its different APIs, and create a report, which would then be exported in PDF, placed in a specific Dropbox folder. Multiple Kareo accounts would be used to get data to create those reports. A very complex yet understandable UI was created for non-technical users.


Tools/Technologies: Angular 4, web pack, grunt, gulp, bootstrap, npm, font awesome, with .NET based backend architecture


One Life Live It

Description:  A web application for creating reports depending upon the patient’s medical history and lifestyle choices. Its main purpose was to help doctors generating the reports, which meant multiple doctors editing the same report. It keeps track of which doctor made the change and to restrict updates to original author only. As a second module, the application combined data into the report from a patient survey application, which could then be updated as per doctor’s wishes.


Tools/Technologies: AngularJS, web pack, grunt, gulp, bootstrap, font awesome, handlebars.js, underscore.js


Applied Biometry

Description: Applied Biometry application is created to help the physicians of different hospital systems to get genetics data in an efficient way to support the diagnosis and do the right prescription. It provides quick access to patient’s genes variation before prescribing a medicine. This application helps doctors with genes annotations created in Psycho, Nutrition, and EEG domains. It integrates with 23andme genetic data APIs, PharmGKB and SNPedia.


Tools/Technologies: AngularJS, Express.js, Node.js, bootstrap, Sequelize JS



Goally is the first software and support system that is delivered through a device for the child and an app for the parent to help kids with ADHD and autism. It has cross-platform mobile application and web application for parents. The cross-platform mobile client is written in React Native and a meteor backend.


Tools/Technologies: React Native, MeteorJS, AWS IOT’s MQTT protocol for push messages, Firebase, MongoDB, React, Redux, redux-thunk, react-router



An IoT solution that uses Bluetooth technology to monitor as well as maintain assets under pressure. Moreover, it helps you prevent failures by measuring, tracking and validating pressures, testing locations, and measuring temperatures remotely in real time and communicating results to your smartphone.


Tools/Technologies: AngularJs, bootstrap, INOIC framework



It’s SMART on FHIR platform application that works at the patient level. The user can select a patient and the app provides all useful medication data for the selected patient. In addition to that, it provides a price comparison of all the medication. The app also provides links to print free coupons & save up to 80% on selected patient’s prescription and non-prescription meds. Any hospital can use MedsPrice to help patients save money on their medication purchase without a need to enter each individual medication, dosage etc.


Tools/Technologies: AngularJs

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