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Establish and Maintain Project Baselines Process


An objective of establishing and maintaining project baselines at different stages of the project life cycle is to provide a stable basis for further development and continuing evolution of Configuration Items.

Process Entry/Exit Criteria

Entry CriteriaExit Criteria
  • Configuration Management plan is approved
  • Time is come for a specific baseline according to baseline schedule or a change has occurred in an existing baseline.
  • Baseline criteria are met.
  • A baseline is created and baseline authorization report is updated
  • Baselines are updated and intermediate baselines are established in case of a change in baselines

Process Inputs/Outputs

  • Configuration Management Plan
  • Project Schedule (for baseline schedule)
  • Issue List (for changes/defects)
  • Artifacts to be baseline
  • Baseline Authorization Report


  1. Configuration Controller creates a project repository structure in the configuration management system (e.g. Visual SafeSource) as defined in the respective Configuration Management Plan.
  2. Configuration Controller applies access rights on the project repository according to the Configuration Management Plan.
  3. At the time of a specific baseline as per Configuration Management Plan, Project Manager conducts the Configuration Controller Board meeting to authorize the planned baseline.
  4. Configuration Controller Board identifies the versions of each Configuration Item of that specific baseline (i.e. contents of the baseline) as per the Configuration Management Plan.
  5. Configuration Controller Board verifies the baseline criteria and authorizes the baseline using baseline authorization report.
  6. Configuration Controller creates the baseline by assigning a baseline label in the configuration management system (e.g. Visual SafeSource) according to baseline authorization report.
  7. Configuration Controller locks the Configuration Items that are included in the baseline by removing access rights on the folders of baselined Configuration Items in the project repository.
  8. After establishing a baseline, if a change has occurred in any Configuration Item of the baseline during the project life cycle, Configuration Item is updated following the Change Management Process and baselines will be updated following above process after verifying Re-baseline criteria provided in respective Configuration Management Plan.