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TS JQuery Form Plugin

TS jQuery Form Plugin – Allows developer to easily and unobtrusively create good looking web forms.

Developers usually spend a lot of time writing HTML for web forms and then fixing field alignment and layout related issues. If most of the form layout work is handled by a tool or a utility, then developer can focus more on developing business logic which is the crux of the application.

This Plugin facilitates developer by generating decent looking web-forms where alignment and basic design is already taken care off.

Developer only needs to place few lines of html to indicate the controls and their grouping without worrying about design and alignments. Plugin will detect HTML inputs and then generate the layout automatically. Developer can specify theme and layout style. Plugin is developed using CSS and jQuery (JavaScript) so it’s lightweight and is really easy to use. Developer doesn’t need much knowledge of HTML, jQuery or CSS to use this plugin. It also provides a wizard like interface for better User Experience.

TS jQuery Form Plugin


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Minimal HTML coding is required
  • Provides both wizard and form like structure
  • Easy navigation with next/previous navigation buttons
  • Built-in theme for adjusting form appearance
  • Allows custom themes to be added to plugin
  • Reduces development time by managing basic design and alignment issues
  • Supports multiple server side technologies as data is posted to server in JSON format


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Technical Architecture

TS JQuery Form Plugin is designed following best practices such as extending option with defaults, maintaining chain ability, name spacing, lightweight wrapping around the constructor and it uses objects instead of passing lengthy list of arguments. It is easily integrate able with ASP.NET, PHP or any other server side technology.

HOW IT WORKS: TS JQuery Form Plugin takes the html in a simple format as an input. It creates labels, assigns appropriate CSS classes and adjusts the column structure intelligently. Dynamic HTML is being generated according to pre-selected options which replace original HTML.


Attributes & Capabilities


Simple to Use

 TS JQuery Form Plugin allows you to create good looking web-form or wizards. All it need is a few lines of HTML, link to required JS Files and a simple call to the plugin; rest will be taken care of by the plugin itself.


Supports External CSS and JavaScript

 Option has been given to the developers to apply custom styling using his own CSS.

 Developers can use their own JavaScript, JavaScript widgets or JavaScript plugins.


Easy to Integrate

 TS JQuery Form Plugin is really easy to integrate with any server side technology as all technologies can easily generate the required HTML and can easily include this library in the HTML pages.

  TS JQuery Form Plugin submits the data in the form of JSON.


Support Touch Devices

 TS JQuery Form Plugin supports Touch devices by accepting swipe gesture for navigation purpose.


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