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.Net Application Development

.Net Technologies

  • MVC
  • C#
  • VB.NET

We use MVC in almost all our .net projects. Following are some of the projects and their technology stack we used:


This is a transfer of care management solution with telemedicine component. Phyzit TCM is a transition of care management solution. The Phyzit solution allows physicians to virtually visit patients via secure Video conferencing solution. Phyzit is currently an iOS-based solution on the client side with a .net based backend hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Phyzit is integrated with Athena EMR. Technosoft was brought in after few unsuccessful attempts to develop this system. EMR Care Management Solution Initially worked with a local vendor and then with an offshore company. Both experiences did not produce any fruitful result. Technosoft was then given the opportunity to create the system from almost scratch. Technosoft has since developed the system and provides all development, deployment and level 2 help desk support services.

Technologies Used:

  • NET Core MVC
  • Hangfire
  • Redis cache
  • Entity framework
  • identity framework
  • SignalR
  • Rotativa


This is a Healthcare app for burn clinics. Csymplicity has many apps working for Centers. Centers have Hospitals and practitioners work for them. Physicians have control over patients details and triage and with experts collaboration they can analyze a patient’s info. BurnHelp, Peds Help, Wound Help, SuprathalAssist, UCH Burn Consult, UMC Burn Consult, Our Lady of Lourdes, and ROH Burn Consults are Apps working under Csymplicity.

Technologies Used:

  • .NET MVC
  • Entity Framework
  • C#
  • VB.NET


This application for healthcare professionals to view skin patients. Researchers and physician check the scars and burns of patients to see its severity and condition. Notifications are pushed to patients on follow-up day. Surveys are done basically for patient information and are filled by patients e.g. color, pain level etc.

Technologies Used:

  •  .NET MVC
  •  Entity Framework
  •  WEB APIs
  • Angular on front end

CloudVote online polling app

CloudVOTE is a secure, interactive training management platform for instructor-led training and in-person, live events. It enhances presentation content by allowing instant audience feedback via mobile devices, and/or dedicated handheld keypads. It makes content management easier and reporting to your LMS faster, by consolidating everything centrally with a push of a button.

Technologies Used:

  •  .NET MVC
  •  Entity Framework
  • .NET Core
  •  WebAPI
  •  SignalR Core
  •  Hangfire
  •  Azure App Services
  •  Application Insights
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Identity Framework

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