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.Net Application Development Outsourcing Services

.NET Application Development Outsourcing

From its inception almost 17 years ago, Technosoft has been providing .NET application design and development outsourcing services. We have delivered millions of lines of code on the .NET platform. We are one of the early Microsoft Certified Partners and have dozens of successful windows and web applications delivered and development underway. Our customers like .NET platform due to its low-cost rapid development and deployment capabilities. With the introduction of .NET core, we are now able to develop cross-platform solutions as well. For Healthcare Software Development, Microsoft Azure presents a HIPAA compliant platform to serve applications developed on the .NET framework. We have deployed .NET applications on Azure as IAAS, Infrastructure As A Service, and PAAS, Platform As A Service, cloud-based solutions.

With decades of experience, our team delivers secure, scalable, and reliable .NET-based web, and desktop applications tailored to your healthcare needs. Our developers have solid experience in software engineering using various Microsoft development environments (C#, MVC, ASP.NET, VB.NET, WinForms, Signal-R and others). We employ experienced software developers (including Microsoft Certified Professionals) who are trained on this technology platform and on the healthcare software development related standards.

Custom Applications Developed for .Net Application Outsourcing Services


Custome Mobile Application Back endMobile Application Back end

Most business mobile applications need supporting backend web application to support the operations. Over time we have developed HIPAA compliant, very high performance, secure, distributed web applications using .NET based technology stack. These applications handle high load, a large number of concurrent users, serving round the clock to hundreds of mobile users in hospitals and clinics. These applications also include integration with social platforms (Google, Facebook, and Twitter), supporting push notifications.

Customized web Applications based on .NET and other technologiesWeb Applications

High-performance applications with an intuitive user interface and integration with third-party healthcare solutions/libraries based on  ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, Angular, Javascript/HTML5.



cloud based IoT ApplicationsIoT Applications

Cloud-based application to process data from various types of sensors (Temperature, LightSensor Vibration, Motion, DoorData, Humidity, WaterDetect, PushButton, VoltageDetect, AirQuality, GeneralSensor) through the usage of Azure IOT Hub, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Function,  with .NET Core web app and integration with third-party platforms like MAXIMO.



Signal-R Polling Application DevelopmentSignal-R Polling Application Development

Cloud-based interactive training management system for instructor-led training which enhances presentation content by allowing instant audience feedback with the usage of SignalR, which is responsible to show content to presenter and audience and process their votes and messages to .NET Core API to save data in the database for later reporting purposes.

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