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Silverlight .Net Application Development Outsourcing

Technosoft has rich experience of creating enterprise applications using Silverlight 1.1 and Silverlight 2.0.


So what exactly is Silverlight? Simply, it is a lightweight and scaled-down cross-platform version of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). While WPF aims to build next-generation Windows applications based on the full-blown .NET Framework 3.0, Silverlight brings many of the WPF concepts to the Web browser, and it does so on various platforms.

Silverlight Controls & UI

Silverlight application user interface is written in XAML. The UI controls being the basic in creating a Silverlight application are vastly used throughout our Silverlight projects. The summarized list of controls commonly used by us includes layout management panels (Canvas, Grid, Stack Panel, etc), core form controls (Button, Radio Button, Checkbox, Textbox, Text Block, etc) and other common controls (Border, Line, Rectangle, Scroll Viewer etc). We also have the experience to create rich user interactive fillable forms in Silverlight



Silverlight Backend

The backend of a Silverlight application which includes event handlers of the user interface controls can be written in many languages. We have the experience to use C# and Visual Basic as a backend language for the Silverlight application.

Using Silverlight Controls on Websites


We have created many Silverlight Pages/Forms based on the requirements of the client in their existing and new websites to take those websites to a new level of rich and enhanced user interactivity. These pages are created as Silverlight Controls and these controls are integrated to the website by giving a reference of a Silverlight XAP file. A .XAP file is basically a compiled Silverlight application. The file is actually a compressed file that contains all the files necessary for the application to run individually in any platform.

Interaction with Data

We have rich experience in using web services to transfer data between Silverlight application and a data source. Also, the httpWebRequest is used in one of the applications to asynchronously post data to another page which then take care for the data. Also, initial parameters can be passed to a Silverlight control if you want to prefill a control with data when it’s loading.

Technosoft has experience of working on the Silverlight applications for some time now. We are very confident that our Silverlight skills are good enough to efficiently deliver quality work using Silverlight. In addition to Silverlight Technosoft is also working in parallel on windows presentation foundation (WFP) to create rich interactive desktop applications.

If you are having trouble implementing a similar project, send email to techsupport@techno-soft.com and in the subject line enter, WSUPS and your mail will be automatically forwarded to the technology expert in this area. Or click here to submit your technical query to our support forum. We can review your code to make it operational or can stare you in the right direction.

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